Saturday, September 28, 2013

Spooky Birthday Invite

So my son is going to turn 7 in a couple of weeks and his birthday is pretty close to Halloween therefore I have the greatest excuse to throw a Halloween theme birthday party.  We did it before a couple of years ago and I think it will be great for him to have another one.  Since My Crafty Corner is all about crafts here goes my first tutorial.  It was Pinterest inspired, to tell you the truth I have no clue what the pin was all about, all I saw was a couple of googly eyes and this card wrapped in cheese cloth that made it look like a mummy.  After this tutorial I am going to go check it out to see if I am creative enough.

First lets start by collecting our supplies.  It should be very inexpensive if you have most of this things at home.  I found Halloween stickers at Joan's for $1.00 which was really nice.

Cheese cloth
Card stock... it doesn't need to be Halloween theme, that is what the stickers are for.
Googly eyes
Permanent marker

 Once you gather your items get to work and look happy while doing it because no craft is fun if you are not actually having fun right?
I start by folding the square piece of card stock in half and attaching the googly eyes about an inch or two from the top. I left the white on the outside so it looks more like a mummy but it would work either way if you have a pattern on it.

 Then fill out the information on the inside, sorry for the messy picture but I didn't want my info out there so I blocked it using Photoshop and since I am a self taught person I don't know how to do it all fancy. This is the part where the stickers come in handy.  Decorate the inside with as many stickers as you want or make it simple that is up to you!
 Then cut a long piece of cheese cloth about 3" wide and 36" long.  Glue the end of it on the back corner of the card and start wrapping it around the entire card being careful not to cover the eyes, they need to pop out to look cute. You could use a sticker instead of the glue and it will work better if it's a clear sticker or white.

 Once you are done wrapping it use another sticker to set the end of the cheese cloth in place.  I had thought about using a string and attaching a tag on it saying something like "unravel the mystery" or something like that but I am on a budget so I am keeping it simple.

 Now that you know how to do them go ahead and make a few or a hundred of them, they are so fun!

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