Thursday, September 12, 2013

Easter dresses

Since we were sick Easter Sunday my girls did not get to wear their Easter outfits.... at least it gave me time to finish making a dress that had started as a project for my mom but never got around to get it done.  Since she is in Utah and I kind of fit into it (I made it too small for her) then I took the opportunity to buy the last piece of the puzzle which consisted of a long zipper and finished it for me.  I think it turned out really cute and it is a little loose on me so she can probably wear it next time she comes back.
The girls looked so cute in their outfits and they also turned out really well.  I went with what is hot right now which is the lace fabric, Shayna loved it and wants me to make more for her.  Of course it was super cheap to finish this outfit since I had half of the material already at home and only bought two yards of lace fabric on sale for half off, coming down to only $5.00 for both.  I also made the hair pieces which complemented their outfits really well.
I love my girls!!! Also so glad to be able to keep my tradition of making Easter dressed every year, well mostly since Shayna was like 4.... I only skip it if I am too pregnant and tired or if I find a good deal at the stores for a nice dress.

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