Saturday, December 28, 2013

I Am a Busy Petite Bee...

Wow this last few months sure flew by so quick and it seemed that way to me mostly because of how busy I got.
Every week I had a project I was working on, testing a pattern, being sick or taking care of sick people.  Also we have most of our family birthdays in the last three months of the year and that definitely makes our lives a little crazier than usually.
Now that the year is coming to a close I find myself thinking about what I want to do with this blog and how to go about it. I love creating things and posting pictures of them when I am done but I also know that a lot of people get sick of seeing them all over my FB.  I decided that I probably wont post on there as much and will concentrate of writing on here and posting about my projects as I finish them and also as I work on them.  I will post the links and if people are interested enough they will come see my  blog.
I have a few pictures to share and I will talk about what is coming soon.
A friend of mine asked me if I could do a Superman cape for her husband and an owl messenger bag for her daughter.  I have done capes in the past but for little kids and the messenger bag was just done after a seeing a pictures she shared with me that she took at our local Renaissance Festival so I didn't have much to work with but I am proud to say that I love the way it turned out.
I am planning on doing a tutorial on how to make this cute bag and hopefully it wont take me 3 months to finish. In the mean time here are a few  pics of it.
 I didn't use a pattern for this bag so this is all straight out of my head.  The flap is where the face is and the feathers are made out of tons of little scraps of fabric. My daughter helped me coordinate the colors once I made finish making them all and I think she did a really good job, plus it was for her friend so she wanted it to be perfect.

 See how all the feathers and sewn together, rows of it.  I am sure this bag will get perfected with time.

And then here is the grown up cape I made for the same family.
I used about a yard and a half of fabric and used felt for the logo which was attached my using the double sided Pellon Wonder Under.  That stuff is amazing, I have been using it for years for all kinds of projects and I just don't know how you can get anything done without it. 

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