Thursday, September 12, 2013

Latest projects.

OK so we all know how much I love working on different projects but my most favorite thing to do is sewing.  I love how I get to relax when I do it and it gives me some sense of accomplishment. Our little nephew Miles was born this month and we got to meet him a couple of weeks ago.  I was so happy to hear that both baby and mom were doing great and as soon as we heard the news I started to work on a quilt for him.  I was waiting so long because they didn't have a name for him yet and I wanted to embroider his initials on it.
I had a jelly roll that I had been saving for a special project but I guess some pieces were used for something else so I ended up with less blocks for my quilt than I expected so there was some improvisation.  It turned out really cute I think.  It is meant to be a quilt to will last for a long time, to put on the floor and be dragged around, it is a boy anyways.  I think they liked it.

Another project I worked on recently is this cute little dress for Kahlan, I tested another pattern for a different lady (this was my second time).  She like the pictures so much and the actual dress that she asked for my permission to use them on her blog and Facebook page.  I feel honored to be asked for my permission, she asked that I put a watermark on them and then to send them back.  I felt a little weird doing the watermark since I am not a profession photographer but I did it anyways.  Doesn't my princess look beautiful???

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