Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pioneer Clothing.

A while back my sister in law Tashia called me up and asked if I would be willing to sew the pioneer clothing  her daughter Savannah had to wear to the Trek.  I was so excited to do it because I have had this patter in my collection for a long time and wanted to use it but never got around to do it.  Long story short, after working on it for about 2 or 3 months, it took that long only because things kept getting in the way but it was finally finished.  I sent it out on a Friday and she got it the next Monday.  They called me all excited to let me know that it was perfect, right size, length and everything.
Now can I just say that holy cow pioneer clothing is so incredibly expensive.... I visited a few websites to see what the best style for the fabric would be, what not to do and to stay as real to the pioneer thing as possible.  I found a site that did just one dress for $150.00.... crazy!!!
I ended up doing one dress, an apron, a bonnet, bloomers, one skirt and one top.  I am really happy with how they turned out but mostly happy that they liked it so much.  Shayna was my model for the outfits because I really wanted to see what they looked like on somebody once they were gone.  Since Savannah is way taller than Shayna we sued a stool for her for the pics....
This was a very exciting project to work on.
 So the pattern for the bloomers was kind of funny.... I tried to find something that was as close as what they actually wore back then but they hand an opening in the back, I ended up twiking the pattern some and closing up the back but I had to used an elastic waistband instead which makes it a little bit bulky in the end but it solves the problem of having a giant opening back there...
 Here is the top and skirt, they were not pioneer patterns but I found some cute patterns on sale and I adjust the skirt one so it would have enough fabric to have that look and the top was perfect with the short sleeves. I am sure they didn't use the short sleeve that much but Tashia thought it wold be better since it gets really hot and I have seen some of the trek kids wearing short sleeves too.
 Here is the outfit all together with the apron and bonnet.
 And last but not least my favorite item, the dress.  It was so cute.  Apparently the pattern I had was used and it was old so when they cut it it was for a size 8 and I needed something smaller, again some adjusting had to be done but I had her measurements and just kept going back to them often.  The collar was not even matching the neckline so I had to create a new pattern piece for it and that was a new experience for me.  I was about to give up and go buy a new pattern but I made it work. The bonnet is awesome.
 I added a couple of buttons to the top to make it look cuter :)

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