Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pattern testing.

So FB is great for a lot of things and one of them is finding people who love what you love.  A friend of mine follows a page that give you the chance to test patterns for her before she puts them on the market.  She always comes up with different ideas and needs testers for them.  Every time I volunteer she already had 15+ people in line so never got a chance to do it until now. Last week she posted a picture of some cute PJ's and I noticed there only 4 comments so I took advantage of it and let her know I was interested in either size 2T or size 8 for boys.  I got an email the next day with her e pattern and I was asked to work on size 2T for girls.  I cut the fabric last night and finished sewing it this afternoon.  The pattern is pretty easy and not hard to follow.  The one thing that I know would have helped is having a serger, knit material is kind of hard to work with on a regular sewing machine, not impossible but a little hard at time.  And here is our little model, the cost to me $1.00 only because I already had the material except for the ribbing.  I have to say that I learned a new technique with this pattern and I like it.  Also I used my double needle to sew almost the entire thing and do the top stitching.  I love it.

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