Thursday, February 13, 2014

Comfy Shorts Review

 A while back.... a very while back I was chosen to test another pattern for one of my favorite pattern designers out there The Sewing Geek.  Time has not been so kind to me hence the late post on this review.
I usually sew clothes for girls and every once in a while I till try something for my boys like ties, pajamas  or things like that.  When I saw that The Sewing Geek was going to come out with this pattern and I was super excited and got right to work looking through my stash of fabrics for something boy-ish enough to use. 
 The best thing about this pattern is that you have up to size 18 which is great because not many parents have that many options for sizes. Also it is a quick sew, it took me about 2 hours but if you are like me once you have done them you get quicker and better. 
My son absolutely loves them and said they were super comfy to wear. Now that I look at this particular picture I can notice my lovely flower pot in the corner.... way to go me!! 
Go check out her website it is brand new and it has lots of post about sewing and great tips for everyone but specially for beginner sewers!!

Happy sewing!!

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